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Saturday after Thanksgiving

28 Nov

I am sitting here trying to get over a cold. I am also thinking about my writing and my life. I feel like I’m in a place in my life of drifting and waiting for God. I feel as though God has something planned for me but I need to be patient. I do desire to do something with my writing. If I could I would have my own production company. I want to create TV shows and movies. I also want to change people’s lives and their way of thinking through these things. I want to begin my career but I want a career and not a job. I want to be obedient to God more than anything.

Dancing Single and Cold Weather…

23 Nov

I want to a singles dance. The Columbia After Dark Singles Dance. I helped to set up so it was free to get in. We had dinner before the dance: Thanksgiving. It was Saturday night. I had fun and yes I did dance. I would say that I was the youngest person there but there were some children. I danced and I danced. My legs were tired by the end of the dance. I helped clean up, so I was among the last people to leave. I walked to the dance but I was able to get a ride home. We left there after midnight. Did I mention that I had to get up for Church the next morning. It is not that I hate being single, it’s just that I desire not to be single. Paul said that it would be best to remain single but if you do not have to strength to remain single then you should marry so you do not become victim to the temptation of lust. I am not one that can remain single. The weather feels like Thanksgiving. It reminds me of Holiday movies. I’m looking for to celebrating the birth of Christ. I’m thankful for all God has blessed me with.

Days… (Poem)

21 Nov

Days come and go like snow falling to the ground, Each so different yet so much the same Passing as the snow melts into the ground So are we to return one day from once we came Dust to dust our remains beneath the ground. Now is the time to remember our creator, Find hope in His redeeming grace, Not in a building made by human hands But in this sanctuary created by our God. Time to take the time, On your knees in humility Before the Lord who came To give life to those who are the walking dead, Time to give over this life for a life to come Accepting this free gift from our Lord. I do not speak out of judgment But out of Love and an understanding That is not of my own creation, I speak to you from Love Hopeful that you shall Share in this Joy that has saved me from the fire. Do not close your heart But please consider coming to my Savior Before it is too late: I am no better than you it is by Grace alone that I can rejoice in His Love.

Two Thoughts

21 Nov

Somewhere in this world, there is an open hand, Waiting for a love to come to take away the pain Of so many years alone in the dark. You see not what you should see but When hope comes, your eyes become open, To what was always there from before you were born. The rain comes and washes away the dirt, Just let this Love wash over you And cleanse your heart like the rain coming down like a shower. I sit by the open window Watching the day pass me by Not certain but hopeful for a time to come But for now I shall be content with this very hour. Rest, now, my dear friend Take my words and allow this change to come from within Your life will not be the same After you give over your life For the life to come. Two thoughts intertwined, A rose among thorns Is the state of my mind Where can love be found but in our hearts Not from man but from above As in a gift, the promise of a helper to come, Hope for future hours when this one seems so dark. Leave the old behind, don’t let it remind you Of where you have been but look to the Hope I have found And the things that will save you from the sorrow to come.


19 Nov

To where the wind blows? Shall I go with the wind that blows one way today and the opposite the next, or shall I listen to the voice of God calling? Shall I turn aside fear and doubt and go forth in faith? Faith in nothing but the will of God and God’s leading? I shall pray for God’s leading in my life everyday. Everyday I hope to give over all that I am to God. This life I live I live not by my own understanding but from leaning upon the wisdom of the Lord. In prayer I find hope, strength and a direction in a world with no moral compass. A direction to life. A flow to this life I shall pursue with all of my heart. There are several things that I am praying about including what to do with my days, and the rest of my life.

Bible Explorer

14 Nov

So, I have installed the software on my computer. I’ve also downloaded a bunch of additional free resources. It’s great having so many translations and other resources. I hope to use all of this to study God’s Word.

Living Life with Christ at the Center

12 Nov

When you think of what it really means to be a Christian you relise that it is not easy. I mean to really be a Christian and to live it out. To live according to God’s Word and not just be a spectator. It’s like looking at a parade and never participating: and then saying that you were a part of the parade. If we do not live what we preach out loud in our lives what are we doing? If we do not have God at the center, the main focus, of our lives then what is it that is at the center of our lives. It is so important to remember that living as a Christian is not about us. Paul Wrote that He is dead and that it is Christ that Lives in him. The idea of giving over your life is one that few embrace with all of their heart: Paul did. Jesus said that you have to deny yourself and follow after him, taking up your cross, daily. Being a Christian is a daily act of surrender. You know that Cheap Trick song Surrender. I mean I like the song and I just thought of it because of the title. But Surrender that could be the theme to our lives. Not the song, though it is a great song, but the surrendering of all you are each day to God. I mean to give over to God your entire life. Paul stopped living for himself and began living for God alone. At one point it was prophesied to him that he would be bound and handed over to the Gentiles. He could have went the other direction. There are accounts of people doing such in the Bible. In closing being a Christian is not the American Dream, it’s not sitting in a pew one day a week, but it is a full and complete giving over of your life to Christ: To follow after the example set by Christ.

Computer Software

12 Nov

I now have some software to help me study the scriptures better. The software has different versions of the Bible as well as resources for the Bible like dictionaries. All I need is to increase my computer’s memory or get an external hard drive so that I can install these programs.


12 Nov

I now have some software to help me study the scriptures better. The software has different versions of the Bible as well as resources for the Bible like dictionaries. All I need is to increase my computer’s memory or get an external hard drive so that I can install these programs.


12 Nov

Suppose we got away from tradition and went back to the Bible. Suppose it is not about people seeing what we do but being obedient to God’s will. Suppose we remember that the Church is the body of believers and not a building. Suppose we forget about the American Dream and replace with the idea that we are not like the world, we are to be different, and we are not to love the lifestyles of the world. Suppose we have Christ be the center of our lives. Suppose we remember that the Church is our family. Sure it’s a family with problems but should not we focus on changing that at least to some degree. Suppose we consider the example of Christ. Remember this: Paul wrote that he no longer lives but it is Christ that lives in you.