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Monday Afternoon…

30 Aug

I am beginning to work towards having somewhat of an organized schedule. My hope is to utilize the time that I have. There are some things that I don’t want to make into a routine, I just want to put aside time for those things. I am going to begin working out to the Biggest Loser DVDS that I have. My plan is to do this 5 days a week. I will use 2 DVDS each day alternating between 4 DVDS. I will use the same 2 each time but one day I use one set of two and the next I will use the other set of 2. My goal is to tone up. I have some articles that I need to write, but I will wait until tomorrow because I want to get started on my workout routine. I also want to do some other things. I am very open to the idea of moving back to the Los Angeles area. If I do not find work soon I will begin working on moving back. I am open to other fields besides mine: (Film and video production, writing, television production, screenwriting, television writing, photography, acting, video editing, and things related to these), but it needs to be something that I could do. I am not looking for a job in sales, retail, or fast food. I am looking for a career. I am not looking to start at the top. I just desire something that fits me. I have never told anyone that what they are doing is not what they should be doing, so I hope that others will not do that to me. I am open to further education as long as I know the finances are taken care of. I am open to moving as long as moving expenses and living expenses are covered. I have no interest in living with a stranger again, nit after my past experiences. I am not interested in living in a spare room but I am interested in a decent place to live. I need to find somewhere to live soon. I also need a car. A new car I guess. One that has good gas mileage and space for equipment. I do not know how to work on cars so one that needs constant work would not be good.

Thursday Afternoon…

26 Aug

Tonight I will be going to Ignite. I wonder if I will get work here. Does it matter? I guess it does. I just wonder if I am not finding work is for a reason. I mean is it meant for me to find work? Should I move? I don’t want to move, but I am open to moving. I would like to have equipment to shoot and edit video and photography. If I had the equipment I could put together examples of what I can do to get work. I am going to finish the play that I am writing and put it on here in Columbia. I will write more plays after this one. I will write and produce short movies. Somehow I will do this. I pray for whatever I need to make these things happen.

Monday Afternoon…

23 Aug

I went to House Church in Irmo but I did not go to the small group in the evening. I also went to the CAD dance Saturday. I am open to moving anywhere. I have a passport. I need to get a car and a place to live. After some bad experiences living with people I need somewhere to myself. I would like to get gear to help me make money and find work: photography, photo and video editing (computer hardware and software), and video gear (camera, lighting, etc.) I am open to moving to a city. Los Angeles or New York. Maybe I could find work in my field. I would need help with the funds to move and live there for at least a year. I need prayer also.

Friday Afternoon…

20 Aug

Tomorrow I have a small group that I have been going to that I should be attending in the morning. Tomorrow evening is the Columbia After Dark Dance. Sunday I will be going to the House Church in the morning and a small group in the evening. I have decisions that need to be made, and prayer for these decisions is needed. I have been in South Carolina almost two years, so I need to decide if I should move and if so how and where. I am open to moving anywhere in the world as long as I have somewhere to live that I do not have to share with strangers. I want to learn to play the drums but I don’t know if I will ever be able to since I do not have a drum set. My plan at the moment is to write plays and produce them locally, write short movies and produce them locally, continue writing for the two web sites that I write for, write and submit various kinds of writing and look for other opportunities as they happen. I need help in the form of prayer and any kind of help that anyone is willing to give. I am cautious about who I listen to. I know an older man who wants to be a writer and teacher but he should not be either one of these. He also wants to be a leader, but he should follow first. He means well, but he thinks he should be a leader because of his age and how many children he has had. Even those older in age can be fools.

Wednesday evening…

18 Aug

I have applied to jobs at two different, local, television stations. I am hopeful about these prospects but I am doubtful about it. I want to be optimistic concerning work that I apply for but after so much time of finding no work I don’t want to get too excited about the slightest chance of finding work. If I am hired by one of these stations I am not sure how I will be able to get to and from work. I guess I will have to figure that out if I get hired. I do know that I need to structure my time more wisely. I need to write more. I also need to research more into things to do with my writing like more places to submit my writing to. I am considering moving back to Los Angeles and how to make this happen. If I do not get work in my field soon I will have to move somewhere that I am more likely to find work. Tomorrow I have jury duty in West Columbia so I hope that it does not rain tomorrow. Tomorrow night is Ignite. Saturday is the CAD dance. Sunday I should be going to the House Church in the morning and then to another one in the evening. I pray for direction and help. I need advice but not that would help me, not what people think I should do based on their ignorant idea of what I can do but based upon what is possible with God.

Monday Afternoon…

16 Aug

I did not go to the House Church in Irmo since I had no way to get there. I went to another house church, at least the beginning of a house church. I prefer the one in Irmo since the people are my age or at least some of them are. The people at the other house church are so much older than me. I am going to write more. My plan is to work on several things at one time: depending upon my motivation at the time. I applied for a job at WACH FOX 57. I sent my resume via e-mail. I don’t know where the station is located, but it is a job. I mean an actual job in my field located in Columbia. I do not mind being single, but I would prefer not to be so. I don’t know when that will change since I don’t even know any woman that I am interested in. I keep wondering if I should move to a bigger city, a more developed city. I think Greenville and Charleston and more developed, but there are also places in North Carolina that have potential. I guess I would even consider Georgia. I guess moving back to Los Angeles would be an option. There’s also the New York or Chicago area. Florida is an option. I have been applying for jobs and audition notices but still nothing. My dream goal is to have my own production company with everything need to produce television show, movies, music videos, commercials, etc. including all of the equipment needed in pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. There would also be a photography studio and a sound recording studio. The sound studio so that I can record all of the sound needed for the productions including the sound track. My first step is to write and produce locally some short movies. I also desire to write and produce a couple of plays each year. I am writing a play right now. I do now know how all of this will happen but I know that I cannot do any of this on my own. I need help.

Friday Afternoon…

13 Aug

I have written some material for the play that I am writing and I am hopeful about being about to write the play. I would really like some help with the music though. I hope that I will be able to direct the non-music aspect of the play. I need to write more than I do now. I need to write more short stories and scripts and not be caught up on the idea of what to do with them when I write them but to focus on writing them. I have sent my information about a Production Assistant gig near Charleston but I know that I have no way to do it since I have no transportation and I really don’t know the area. It pays 150$ per 10 hours plus overtime after that. It would only be for a few days but it would be something. I need money coming in, somehow and I need to get a car. Someone has suggested that I get a moped (scooter) but I would be nervous about driving one with the way people drive. Someone suggested that I go back to school to work for myself working on Air Conditioners and such, but I don’t think I would be very good at that. Also, who would pay for this training. I have no desire to go back to school unless it is all paid for. I mean everything that I would need and I would not have to pay any of it back. I wish someone would help me find work in what I have already studied and what I already have some experience with. I know that I need to focus on God more. I need to pray and read/ study the Bible more. I should be going to House Church in Irmo Sunday though I have no idea how I will get there yet. I guess someone is going to give me a ride. I hope so. I like going to House Church. I know that I want to write some and post it on my web site but I just need to get myself to write. I also need to work on the web site. I need to promote it and add stuff to the site to make some money. I am considering again the idea of writing short movies and producing them here using fundraising methods that I have found out about. If anyone wants to help me with this please let me know.

Tuesday Evening…

10 Aug

I am hopeful about finding work soon. Work that is related to what I have studied for six years. I am open to other areas of work as long as it is something that fits me. I know that I would be terrible as a construction worker for example. I have been writing some for the play. I hope to write more soon. I need to find someone to help me with the music aspect of the play since it is a musical. I would be open to that person co-writing the script with me. My plan at the moment is to: read and write more, keep looking for work in my field(s), and remain open to new things.

Thursday Afternoon…

5 Aug

I have begun work on a play, a musical. I hope to finish writing it soon. The plan is to produce the play locally at a small church. My goal is to write and produce several plays a year. I don’t know if I will be able to accomplish this goal or not. I know that I will need so much help especially with the music aspect of the musicals. I also plan on writing some plays that are not musicals. I plan on writing a Christmas play after the musical. The movie that I am an actor in is for sale. I need prayer and help. Tonight is Ignite again after not meeting for the month of July. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing what I have so far for the play. Saturday is the Columbia After Dark Dance. Sunday I hope to be going to the House Church in Irmo. I need work. I want to buy professional photography and videography gear so that I can get some work but it is very expensive.

My Writing

2 Aug

I am trying to decide what to do. I have been in South Carolina almost two years now. I have considered different things to do, but nothing has worked out so far. I am considering writing so much per month and posting this writing on a web site that I have but have not been doing anything with. It is a free site so it’s nothing fancy. I really need help. I cannot do anything on my own. I also need prayer.