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28 Feb

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27 Feb

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26 Feb

I have mailed my application to the Nick Writer’s program. I am both very excited and very nervous now. I pray that I get into this program. About the program:
up to on year salaried position
first months accommodations
round trip airfare

I will have to provide my own transport while there, which for me would mean a monthly bus pass. I will renew my driver’s license once I move there. I do have a California Driver’s License, I just need to renew it. I will also need to get a cell phone and maybe internet.

I have won twice from Food Lion on their FB page. I have won 2 bags of Lays potato chips. It’s nice to win.

I just ordered season 6 and 8 of “Weeds” using Amazon gift cards I acquired using points I earned on a web site where I upload video reviews of products. I did not have to spend money to get this. I already ahve season 7.

Please pray for me as I consider what to write next. I have submitted to a writing competition. I pray that things will work out for me.

I am going to focus on my writing. I will attempt to schedule so much time each day to write and read.

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25 Feb

Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Feb

Saturday, February 23, 2013

23 Feb

February is almost over. Soon it will be my birthday (March 15).

Sunday the House Church will be in Irmo. I am looking forward to getting back to the routine of not having a routine on Sunday morning. It was nice meeting with the older couples last week, but it will be nice to get back to what could be considered “normal” for our group. It would be nice if some people my age became part of the group, but I love this group nonetheless.

Tuesday I will print and mail off the application for the writer’s program. I pray that I get into this program. It’s a salaried position, round trip airfare included as well as the first months accommodations, for up to one year. I would need to raise money to move and money for a cell phone and a bus pass for when I am there.

Wednesday I will go to the Lutheran place on Sunset for a free lunch. The food is great. I am amazed at how these older people come together to serve a meal. The people that eat there are all older people except for me. Some of them greet me but I do not really know any of them.

I find it difficult to open up to older people, especially older men, after my experience at the end of my time in California.

I need to use my coupon card this month for a free drink at Chick-Fil-A this week. I wish they had kept it the way it was before.

Friday, February 22, 2013

22 Feb

The script for the program is almost finished. I will print it and mail it Monday or Tuesday. I pray that I get into this program.

I will also submit for a program though NBC in May. I am also looking at a competition that I might submit to as soon as I read all of the information.

I am very hopeful that 2013 will the year that things begin to improve for me.

I try to focus on the promise of better things to come instead of the past and my debt…

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 Feb

You can now find some of my poetry on my Yahoo! Contributor Network. Poems that I wrote years ago. I just submitted several collections of my old poetry to be included on there as well, so there will be ore as soon as they are approved.

Over the next few nights I will finish writing my submission for the writer’s program and prepare to mail it. I will also fill out the application form and print a copy of my resume for the application.

I know that I will never find a career in South Carolina. I did not move back here to find a career. I was able to get back to my faith while here and I am very thankful for that but to remain here would mean never having a career and i cannot do that unless someone wants to pay all of my expenses.

SC Works (The SC Employment Office) is of no help. I received two messages of their web site about two things that are not at all appropriate for me. I don’t know if it were a mass e-mail to everyone or if it were just to me. If it were just to me then the person that sent it does not know who they sent it to. Their site has a place for them to send messages to be about jobs and other items.

I have searched on the site for job openings appropriate for me. The only one that I have ever found on the site was in Charleston and I never heard from that company.

Sunday was good. It was not the usual Sunday, but it was not too bad. We sang songs together after sharing breakfast and had a short time of prayer. It was nice meeting with the older people of the other house church.

I am looking forward to The Hill as I do every week. Next Wednesday I am going to a place on Sunset for a free lunch. I go every month. There’s almost never anyone my age there. There have been a couple of guys my age but they were not friendly.

I don’t mind being where there’s only people older than me but it it nice to be around people my age (The Hill) at least once a week. This morning I went to the book group (club) at the library. The group is a bunch of older women that I been meeting with once a month for some time now. It’s great meeting with these women and discussing the books.

Tuesday, February 19 2013

19 Feb

I watched the last episode of “Downton Abbey” (Season 3) and I cannot wait until season 4. I did not watch “The Good Wife” or “The Mentalist”, which I will have to watch this week on

I keep submitting for work and I remain hopeful. I pray for something good to happen. It’s difficult knowing how much money I owe fro being a film student.

I am hopeful about many things.

Right now I am waiting for an update for my computer to download and install. It’s taking a long time. I am a little hungry. I am planning on going to Wendy’s today. I am also going to CVS and Krispy Kreme (I found a coupon for a free doughnut).

Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Feb

The Hill was good last night, but it was not the best night.

I am going to Wendy’s to eat lunch today. A friend is bring me a small video camera to borrow, so I may end up making some short videos in the next few weeks.