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Thursday, June 13, 2013

13 Jun

Tonight I am going to The Hill.

I have been going to a Lutheran Congregation on Sunday mornings for the past couple of Sundays. I have also attended a Bible study there. This is the same place I go the last Wednesday of the month for their community lunch.

It is interesting attending such a formal worship service after being a part of a House Church for so long.

The Lutheran congregation is so different from The Hill, where I go every Thursday evening. The ages of the people being one major difference. The Lutheran congregation is older than me (most by twice my age) and people at The Hill are my age or older.

The other differences are in the way things are done. One is very formal and the other is very modern. One is very religious and the other is Christ centered.

I like having these contrasting experiences in worship.

I am looking forward to having my first career I just hope I begin my first career while I am still an young adult. When I am older I hope to focus on things besides a career.

Monday, May 20, 2013

12 Jun

Some changes have taken place over the past few months. I am no longer part of the House Church that I was a part of, it’s great not having to depend upon someone to drive me there and back each week even though I miss the fellowship.

I am submitting, this month, to the ABC/ Disney Writing Fellowship. I am waiting for someone to write a recommendation for me. I have until the end of the month to submit the application. I hope that I am chosen for this. It comes with a salary and benefits.

I have been looking at apartments to get an idea of what I would want in an apartment. It would be great to find a studio with a full kitchen and bathroom for under $1,000 with all of the utilities paid. The apartment would have to situated close to bus and subway lines.

I am hopeful about the prospect of moving back to Los Angeles either this year or the beginning of next year. It would be great to live in a city again. I miss being able to take public transportation wherever I need to go.

I am going to see the new “Star Trek” movie tomorrow. I won tickets to the movie from a FB

Wednesday June 12, 2013

12 Jun

It has been some time since I have posted on here.

I hope to post again on here on a regular basis but sometimes I become too busy with other things or I just forget.

I plan to focus on writing and reading as well as raising funds until I know whether or not I was accepted into one of the writing fellowships that I submitted to.

I will save money towards moving back to Los Angeles.

Over the past few months I have received several freebies including: 2 5$ gift cards for Macaroni Grill, Steak sauce, barbecue sauce, a metal cup, several samples of different products, free yogurt,  movie tickets and more.

The Macaroni Grill was through My Coke Rewards. I have signed up for 5 vouchers for free a hamburger from McDonald’s through My Coke Rewards.

I have acquired several Amazon gift cards over the last few months for free, which I used to order some TV shows including the first 5 of “Breaking Bad”. Seasons 4 and 5 are being shipped to me at this moment. I also ordered “Shameless” (US) and “The Walking Dead”.

I am planing to have more videos soon. I was going to do some video today but I am not in the mood to do so now.

I am going to begin wring short screenplays and more screenplays in general soon. I need to finish writing the pilot before moving on to anything else.

I was going to do a video submission for an audition but the attachment of the sides does not appear when I open the e-mail in Yahoo.