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Monday, July 31, 2017

31 Jul

Last day of the month. First day of a new week.

Reorganized and rearranged my bedroom, still working on it, and looking forward to a fresh look at things like my writing.



Sunday, July 30, 2017

31 Jul

This weekend has been long. I have been housecleaning and still am not finished…

This week I will continue housecleaning. I will organize. I plan to continue writing in the new project. I am writing it the old fashioned way: pen and paper. I will type it all at some point in the future.

I have not thought too much about what I will do with the project once completed. I might publish it on Amazon. I will post short portions of it on my writing blog.

I will wait until next month sometime to do new photography and video.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

30 Jul

Last night I started writing something new…

Today I did some housecleaning which I will continue tomorrow…

Friday, July 28, 2017

28 Jul

Today I am using a free entree coupon at Salsarita’s and maybe redeem points at Starbucks towards a beverage or food…


will be busy at home this weekend…

Thursday, July 27, 2017

28 Jul

Today was another busy day.

I went to Target where I used a gift card I received. I will go into further details on another day.

I saw the movie: “Baby Driver” and I thought it was great. I liked the story and acting. I also liked the pacing. I want to see it again.

I went back to Whole Foods to use the replacement gift card I was sent after attempting to use the previous card Tuesday. Some of the items I had planned to buy were not on sale as they were Tuesday so I did not buy those items. This experience has left me not wanting to shop at Whole Foods again.



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

26 Jul

Yesterday I posted the same stuff on all of my 3 blogs because it had been a long day and I felt like posting the same stuff on all 3….

I went to Fandango last night to purchase a ticket for tomorrow. I had a promo code. I kept trying to purchase the ticket. It kept giving me an error page. I tried again this morning. Same error. I contacted the site on their live chat. While in the chat I kept trying to purchase the ticket. Finally, after so many attempts, it worked. I am going to see “Baby Driver” tomorrow.

Yesterday was interesting. Especially spending so much wasted time at Whole Foods. I finally received a replacement gift card but it arrived after I had already left the store. I am nervous about going back because I am afraid of it happening again.

Sometimes I get so excited about all of the things I want to do but then I get in the mood, doubt, where I wonder if any of it is worth the effort. I have ideas for writing projects that could become video projects (movies, web series, etc.) and I have ideas of books to sell on Amazon but the doubt remains as to if it would be worth the attempt. It would mean so much time focused on these things. I do need to organize my time better.

I might submit to some job openings later today, between getting ready for a bust day tomorrow, and I might do some writing. I don’t think that the submitting to jobs is a very productive use of time but maybe someday I will have an interview then a job offer.


I need to go through all of my stuff, organize it, get rid of some stuff, and see what I have and figure out ways to utilize this stuff better. I need to consider ways to sell this stuff that would not require money since I have so little…


I received some coupons from Panera Bread, after a bad food experience at one of their locations, and was so pleased with the customer service. I did have to contact them a couple of times before I received a response but the coupons they sent make up for the time spent. Panera Bread is at the top of the list of places I enjoy eating at and the food is so much better than most places.

So tomorrow:

Movie: Baby Driver

Target: I have a gift card for a certain purchase that I will make.

Chipotle: (Maybe) I have a coupon for a buy 1 get 1 free and 2 $5 gift cards.

Kroger again, maybe.

DSW: I have a coupon for $10 off of anything and $10 off children. I might buy something cheap in the children’s’ department and either give it away or resell it.

I have coupons for free RXBar packs but I need to find a store that sells the 4 pack and the Kids 5 Pack, though I am uncertain why they would sell to goats…

Photography and video: I need to do more…

I have an iPhone 7 now so I might make movies on that and edit with iMovie. I need to do something….

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

26 Jul

Today was a busy day.

I went to Whole Foods, Kroger, and Jersey Mikes.

I was able to use several e-coupons at Kroger. One coupon did not deduct the full amount of the coupon.

I went to Whole Foods to redeem a $50 gift card I earned on

I finally found what I wanted to purchase.

I went to pay with the gift card. I was told that there was nothing on the card.

I called the help # on the card, while at the store, was told that I would be e-mailed a replacement gift card. I was told it would be 1 to 2 hours.

I had to leave after waiting over an hour because I had a bus to catch to get home and not have to walk home.

I was told that the card had been used in some state I’ve never been in May even though I have never used the card.

So, today was a long and hot day.


While waiting on the bus a truck stopped in front of the bus stop. It was from a local fire department. The person handed out bottles of cold water to everyone at the bus stop.

I might go into detail about what I bought at Kroger tomorrow… or not.

July 24, 2017, Monday

24 Jul

I won another prize from the Amazon giveaways today. I won a handmade leather journal notebook. I won a clothes drying, fold out, rack a couple of weeks ago.

I won a pair of movie tickets recently.

I enter sweepstakes and instant win games everyday. I win some.

I have to make a plan. I have known this for some time but figuring out what to do is not as easy as sitting down and plotting what I shall do with my time. I am often caught in a cycle of doubt. What will I do once I finish a project. What shall I do with my writing or  photography or video? I want to write. I have ideas. I just do not know what I will do with this writing.


What do I want to do with my life? Television Writer. Director. Showrunner. Photographer. Traveler. All of these things.

A mentor might be helpful. I do not believe I can do anything on my own. I will need help. I will need someone to take a chance on me. Believe in me.


July 23, 2017, Sunday

23 Jul


New week.

Nothing new.


July 22, 2017, Saturday

22 Jul

So begins another week…

Tomorrow will be the start of a new week.

I received a sample box from Pinchme, yesterday, I posted photos on my IG (jason29171) so I will not say much except that there were some good samples. I also received a free phone holder for car vents from another source.