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Saturday, September 30, 2017

30 Sep

My allergies have been making me tired.

Last day of the week and last day of the month.


I have plans for October.

I have goals.

I hope that I will be able to focus on these goals.

Friday, September 29, 2017

29 Sep

I went to a few places today.

Chick-Fil-A. I used a coupon for a free chicken biscuit. I do not eat here on a regular basis nor do I agree with their corporate ideology because I do not agree with hate.

Dunkin Donuts. I used my gift card to buy a large coffee and received a medium coffee for free. The sign in store said I would have a chance to win if I bought a large coffee but that was not true. There was nothing on my cup. This is why like Starbucks more. Stuff like this.

I went to Wendy’s though I am not fond of Wendy’s. I used a coupon and the $5 gift card I’ve had for a few years. I also used my key tag for a free jr. Frosty.

I went by Krispy Kreme for a small iced coffee (free) and it was good but nothing special.

I went to Kmart to use my “Shop Your Way” points. I bought a large bag of candy.

I thought about some ideas I have and plan to work on these plans.

Tomorrow I am going to a free community breakfast.

Sunday I am going to a “homecoming” at a baptist congregation.

I will begin packing for my NYC trip soon.

October 6 I leave for NYC in the morning. I will not return until Sunday night.

I am nervous and excited about my trip…

Thursday, September 28, 2017

28 Sep

This week has been busy in comparison to most of my weeks. Today I have been catching up on DVR shows.

The month is almost over. Soon I will be heading to NYC for a weekend. I am excited about the trip.

I keep thinking about my options in life. My options are limited. I need to work harder on what I can do. I need to be more organized.


I have no idea what I will do the rest of today.




Watch Youtube

video games

organize my stuff to get ready to downsize

promote my photography, writing, websites, etc.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

27 Sep


I am going to a free community lunch today.

I am also going to Starbucks and Food Lion.

It is going to be hot today.

When I come home I will decide what to do next.

I want to downsize. I want to sell a large amount of my stuff. I want to buy a tiny house and a truck. I want to tour the country. How I will do these things? I have no idea.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

27 Sep

Today has been a busy day. I walked over to the town near me: Columbia, SC.

There is not much to say about Columbia except that it’s a town in South Carolina.

I Took some photos and have posted them on my FB.

I went by Panera Bread where I took a pick Two home. The sandwich was smaller than the ones I had there in the past. I went to their site and chatted with someone concerning the concern. I was sent an email about the issue. It was great to receive such a positive response from them. They are sending me coupons for free Pick Two meals. I think other companies could learn from this: Pet Supplies Plus, Dunkin Donuts, AT&T, Chick-Fil-A, Walgreens…

Monday, September 25, 2017

25 Sep

It’s Monday again.

I am expecting a few packages today. Two through USPS from Amazon and the third is through FedEx and I believe it will be the paperwork for my NYC trip. The Amazon order was something that took a few days to decide how to use the gift cards I had acquired. I finally decided to buy a new flash and a flash that attaches to the end of the lens. I also bought accessories for the flash.

It took some thought but I finally decided that I wanted to buy photography gear. I could have bought stuff for video but I could not decide what to buy for video that I could afford using my gift card balance.

I have gift cards for Walmart and CVS but I am saving those for Thanksgiving. I also have $50 to spend at Walgreens utilizing by Balance Rewards points.

Tomorrow I am expecting a package through UPS but I have no idea what that could be.

I think I will limit my shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. Their prices are very high and the customer service is horrible.

I did not go to bed until after 2 last night, this morning, because I was playing Battlefield 1.

I might play it again today…

Sunday, September 24, 2017

25 Sep


Went to the Lutheran congregation for the Oktoberfest last night. It was interesting. Food. Music. Conversation.

I went to Walmart today but that was all for today except for playing Battlefield 1 and entering sweepstakes and playing instant win games.

Tomorrow the 2 flash units and the flash accessories I ordered on Amazon are scheduled to arrive. The last time I ordered from Amazon it was not shipped for over over a week after ordering and then only when I contacted them concerning the order.

I believe that the paperwork for my NYC trip will arrive tomorrow as well. I need to decide what I will pack for the trip.

I will be home all day tomorrow waiting for the packages to arrive.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

23 Sep

I am leaving for an “Oktoberfest” at a Lutheran congregation. It’s one that I went to last year for Halloween. I will go here again for Halloween this year. The thing I am going to tonight is something I have never been to before and I am uncertain of what to expect.

It appears as though I will be going on my trip to NYC solo. I think I will walk to the airport. I have 7AM flight. I will leave NYC about 8PM Sunday night. October 6 through October 8 are the dates of my trip.

I always get nervous before flying. It’s not that I hate flying, I just avoid it if possible.

I went grocery shopping today. I also bought a travel kit for NYC with mouthwash, etc which will be easier than other options.

Tonight, when I come home I am not sure what I will do.

Friday, September 22, 2017

22 Sep

I ordered a new flash and some accessories for the flash this week. I ordered them from Amazon and I am hopeful that this order will be shipped without me having to contact Amazon as I had to on the previous order. I hope to do more photography soon, especially on my trip to NYC in October.

I do not want to go anywhere today. I do not want to do anything today. My typical day.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

21 Sep

USPS is delivering the case I bought for the iPad I won. It took over a week for it to be delivered. A week to ship from Florida. I will not buy anything from that seller again.

USPS is also delivering another item which I have no idea what it will be. I look forward to seeing what it is.

I have no clue what I shall do. I have some ideas but I don’t think those will actually get me to where I am making a living, a steady income, so I have become less enthusiastic about them which means I find it difficult to want to do those things when it’s not easy to see them working out.

It’s not easy being on my own. I have no one to turn to to ask questions about anything, get advice from, and it’s difficult trying to figure out things on my own. I have no one to help me so I will have to figure something out.

I’ve had the upgraded version of Linkedin for almost a month, which I have already cancelled, but it’s not worth paying for since there’s no real benefit of having a premium Linkedin account.

At one time I was submitting to job openings on a site called Mandy but now you have to have a paid account to submit to jobs. Not that it matters since most of the ones I have found were either: temp jobs, no paying “jobs”, scam job postings, or not for me. I cannot pay to find work.

I have this desire to own a tiny house and a truck. Travel the country. Doing photograph and video. writing about the experience. Meeting new people. Exploring new places. Eating food I have never heard of before. Enjoying life on the road. I have a profile on a crowdfunding site to raise money towards having this mobile production company. It will be more than a production company. It will be: my home, a portable photography studio, and more.

I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with no transportation. I almost never go anywhere, not that there’s too many places to go here.

I am a fan of tiny homes. Not that I would say no to living in a traditional house or a condo. If I were to chose anywhere in the US to live I do not know where I would live.

I need to decide what to do but I do not know what to do. I mean it’s not like I have a list of things I could do, though I have vague ideas for what I would like to do I just do not know how to do those things. Some things I want to do I do not know how I would be able to do them on my own and other things I do not know what to do once I have done those things. I do not know what to do with my writing once I have written it. I mean I am uncertain of where to submit my writing. I have looked at places to submit writing but then I become stuck on what to submit to where. I mean, once I find a place to submit, what should I write for that submission.

I do not know how to make movies and web series and pilots for TV shows on my own. I know that I would need cast and some crew.

I do not know how to sell my photography. Would anyone buy my photography?

Aside from photography, video, and writing I have no training or skills. I mean I could do stand up comedy, but I would have to work on a routine and I wouldn’t even know where to start. It’s not like I live near a city.

So, I do not know what I shall do…